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Why Buy Premium domains?

Premium domains are an asset and an investment. Just like real estate, domain names can make excellent investments, domain values increase daily and a good domain name is worth paying for. This was clearly evident when recently sold for $5.1 million.

Napier domains regularly sells premium and aged domains for just 4-figure sums and they prove to be much more valuable to the businesses that buy them. The benefits that can accrue from a typical 10 year old domain name that has trust with Google et al, history and some latent SEO power easily justifies the cost as compared with registering a brand new, less attractive domain with no history or trust in the search engines. Furthermore, the good domain names have gone a long time ago, so registering a new name is in most cases settling for a fairly awkward or ugly name. With a premium domain name you benefit from a better name which maybe shorter, more memorable and more brandable and impressive to your customers. Its age will normally bring better search engine rankings with less SEO efforts and expenditure. A premium domain is also likely to be worth more in the future, premium domains increase in value more than ‘average’ domains.