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A WordPress domain name with pedigree and history, it has a bare bones website at the moment and it has a strong PR5 with excellent backlinks. So we have an aged domain, a .com, PR5. Snap this up before I finish the web development and increase the price to $5k.


The hosted virtual desktops market is forecast to be massive, the growth in use of virtual desktops is exponential and here is a chance to own one of two domains we have for this industry ‘’ and ‘’ (hyphenated domain is 200 dollars less).


For telecoms business, adsl providers and ADSL rating or review sites focused on Spain’s ADSL market.


Do you sell the best domains in the business? Then this is the domain name for you ‘’.


Do you have a similar business to napier domains? Here is a very memorable .com domain for a domains broker! Prestige domains ….


Starting a domain auction website? Here is the premier domain auction domain name with the .com extension and kudos.